🌲 How to make pine needle oil, brine, and butter glaze.

Pine needle oil, brine, and butter glaze recipes.

Pine needles can be used as a seasoning for various types of meat. They have a citrusy taste that goes perfectly with salty, matured meats like ham and aged sirloin steak. To make the most out of pine needles' distinctive tang, I wouldn't recommend grinding them into a powder but cutting them into small pieces and mixing them with oil, butter, or salty water. That will allow all the flavours to blend so you can relish in that characteristic, piney aftertaste.

Just so you know, pine needles are full of wonderful nutrients like vitamins A, D, E and K.

I bought my needles from a tree farm and made sure that they were edible, as some pine needle types may contain toxins. 


🌲🌻Pine needle oil recipe.


-Sunflower Oil ( up to 250ml)

-Pine needles ( 1- 3 tablespoons)


Use sharp scissors to cut pine needles into very small pieces. 

Put them in a small jar (or another glass container) and pour sunflower oil all over them. Let needles float in the oil while keeping the jar refrigerated for around 12 hrs. 

If you don't want to wait that long, give the liquid at least some time to absorb all the goodness (the oil should turn slightly greenish). 

After that, you can use it for baking, frying, and meat basting. 

Keep leftover oil refrigerated. 


🌲🧈 Pine needle butter glaze recipe.


- Pine needles (1 tablespoon)

- Butter or margarine (3 tablespoons)

- Worcester sauce ( 3 drops, optional)


Cut needles into small pieces using sharp scissors.

Melt butter in the small pan, add needles, and stir. 

Add up to 3 drops of Worcester sauce (optional) and stir again.

Brush the mixture onto the meat of your choice.

You can also add it to the mashed potatoes.


🌲🍲 2 x Pine needle brine recipe.

Recipe no 1.


- pine needles ( up to 2 tablespoons)

- water (one cup)

- a jar of broth or 1 stock cube

- salt  ( to taste, up to 1 teaspoon)

- pepper ( to taste, up to 1 teaspoon)


Mix stock cube (chicken, beef), salt, and pepper with a cup of water, add fresh pine needles (cut up or whole), mix it, and leave it to chill. Keep the mixture in the fridge and use it within 2 days or freeze it.

Recipe no 2.


- leftover roast meat juices (a cup)

- pine needles (handful)


If you would like to use real 🍖 meat juices to make a brine, you have to prepare ahead of time. Just save some meat juices after baking beef, ham, or chicken, mix them with pine needles (cut up or whole), let the brine chill, freeze it, and defrost it in time to baste your next roast.

You can prepare brine & pine needle mixes for all kinds of meat! Chicken, pork, and beef brine all blend well with a piney taste!