Which pumpkin variety is the sweetest?

 Pumpkin varieties listed below have the sweetest-tasting flesh in the cucurbits family:

Cotton Candy.

It has white, sweet flesh. Perfect for roasting, mashing, and making pies.

Porcelain Doll Pumpkin.

It has a sweet orange flesh perfect for pies and soups.


 It tastes similar to sweet potato. Its flesh is dense and mushy. Perfect for making mash and pies.

Queensland Blue Pumpkin.

Australian Heirloom. Exceptional decor piece. Very sweet.

'New England Pie' Pumpkin.

It has starchy & sweet flesh- ideal for pies. 

Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato Squash.

Usually, acorn-shaped and heavily ribbed. Its flesh is light orange and sweet.

Upper Ground Sweet Potato Squash.

Can weigh up to 20 pounds.Tastes like sweet potatoes. 

Dickinson Pumpkin.

It has an oblong shape, smooth skin, and thick, sweet orange flesh.