Honey & mustard glazed gammon.

Simple honey & mustard glazed gammon recipe.
Juicy on the inside, crispy on the inside- my cold, Autumn night favorite!

- gammon joint 1kg
- mustard 2 tablespoons
- honey 2 tablespoons
- whole cloves (12)
- water (up to 50 ml)

Remember to choose your favorite mustard. You can go spicy or sweet! ~
If you decide to go sweet, just use less honey (1 tablespoon).


Mix two tablespoons of mustard and honey in a bowl. Set it aside.

Place your gammon joint in the roasting tray (it has to be at least 2 cm tall) and brush it thoroughly with the glaze.

You can either carve small holes in the meat and push whole cloves into them or scatter gloves onto the tray.

Pour 50 ml of water into the tray and cover it loosely with tin foil (pierce few holes in the foil cover to allow steam to escape).

Bake it at 200°C or 392°F (fan), gas mark 6.
Allow an hour of roasting under tin foil for every 1kg of gammon, plus 25 min of baking without the cover. Pour roasting juices on the gammon halfway through baking.

Leave it to cool, slice the gammon, and serve it (you can use rosemary as garnish).

You can serve gammon slices with roasted vegetables (recipe below).

Gammon sidedish- roasted vegetables recipe:

- a few slices of onion
- 2 medium sized-potatoes (sliced, not peeled), or 10 small unpeeled young potatoes
- one large carrot (peeled and sliced) or 10 small carrots (peeled and sliced)
- fresh rosemary for aroma

Peel and slice vegetables and place them on a roasting tray.
Sprinkle them generously with oil and bake them at 190°C (fan) or 374°F (fan), gas mark 5, for up to 40 minutes on the middle shelf of the oven.



  1. I'm thinking you're not in the USA with a recipe for gammon. My Mum bought it all the time when we lived in England but I'm not sure what the US equivalent would be. I would love to try this recipe. Have a great weekend!

    1. Yes, you're correct- I live in Scotland :) It's so interesting! Google told me that gammon's equivalent may be uncooked ham. Thanks and have a great weekend, too! :)


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