'End of the Summer' Terrarium - DIY dried flowers terrarium.

How to create a stylish terrarium using wildflowers.

You can easily preserve Summer vibes or your favorite holiday memories in a jar or a terrarium! This project is incredibly easy to make and it's a great excuse for making a trip to the beach or a nearby meadow.

To make 'Summer in Jar' or 'End of the Summer Terrarium' you will need:

-dried wildflowers
-glass jar or glass terrarium
-handful of medium-sized pebbles
-piece of twine or twist tie to tied up flowers
-scissors ( to cut flowers, twine)

To give your project 'end of the Summer' look choose brown and earth-toned pebbles. Go for warm-toned, quirky-looking ones. You can find interesting ones on the river banks and at the beach.

Pick your wildflowers. The end of the July or beginning of August is the best time to pick them because there's a lot to choose from. Opt for different sizes and colors and dry them upside-down for at least 2 weeks.

Select wider jar or a terrarium if you like your piece to look more abundant (bouquet-like) and go for a tall one if you want the wildflowers to be just an accent. Remove jar label using warm soapy water. Clean the jar and wipe it dry. Use twist ties or pieces of twine to tie up wildflowers together. Tie them tightly at the bottom. You can cut them to fit the jar better. You can use more than one twist tie if you have a lot of flowers to arrange.

Put some pebbles at the bottom of the jar (enough for your bouquet to stand on its own) and then continue to fill the jar (around the flowers) until you achieve the desired look of the arrangement. For me, it was: 'wildflowers popping up in a dessert-like habitat.

You can use the jar as a Summer or Autumn centerpiece.

Happy crafting!