Visiting Scotland in the Fall. Part 2 - Roslin.

Roslin- a village of hidden gems.
Roslin, a modest village just a few miles outside of Edinburgh, is full of hidden gems. Rosslyn Chapel (widely known as a place where the Holy Grail was hidden in The Da Vinci Code- a book & a movie) is located on a small hill just the few minutes car drive from the village entrance.
Side-note: You have to pay to see inside of the Chapel. See the details here.
Detail (inside as well as outside of the building) is truly impressive:

You need to take the small gritty paths just outside the Chapel to appreciate how beautiful the surrounding area really is. From the Rosslyn Chapel hill, you can see the Pentland Hills, nearby Roslin Glen Country Park, and the whole village stretched out beneath your feet.

If you decide to go to the right (just the opposite of the Rosslyn Chapel car park), you'll find magnificent historic cemetery hidden among the trees. 

If you go even further, you'll get to the very high, stone-built bridge and enchanting (partially ruined) Roslin Castle.

Side-note: You can cross the bridge and see the ruins, but habitable part of the Castle is closed to the public.

You can go down the hill to admire even more dramatic views of the castle and Roslin Glen cliffs.

Just nearby there's a small bridge built over the River North Esk.  It's made entirely from wood and steel and it's leading to the Roslin Glen Country Park.

If you cross it and go down the river (literally), you'll get close to man-made caves hollowed out in the nearby cliffs (including famous Wallace's Cave) and Hawthornden Castle (which now serves as a retreat for writers and is privately owned).  They are both located on the other side of the river.

Side-note: If you want to reach Wallace's Cave directly, you need to leave Roslin Village, get back on b 7003 route, and enter Roslin Glen Country Park again at the next exit. Please note, that it's very hard to get to Wallace's Cave (especially when it's raining and the ground gets slippery). I recommend waiting for dry weather and wearing hiking shoes.
You can stay at Hawthornden Castle if you have been awarded 
Hawthornden Fellowship for professional writers, otherwise, it's closed to the public.

More pics from Roslin:

Roslin Glen Country Park

Roslin Glen Country Park

Roslin Cemetery

Roslin Cemetery

The Village
Happy Sightseeing!