Visiting Scotland in the Fall. Part 1- Peebles.

Saint Andrews Leckie Parish Church
 Peebles is a royal burgh located in the Scottish Borders region.
It is most charming during the Autumn months. You can see hills full of brown-red and yellow-colored trees. Some of them look like they've been sprinkled with the golden dust.
There's a beautiful church overlooking River Tweed (top photo), and Tweed Bridge connecting two parts of the town (below). 

From the bridge, You can see Neidpath Castle hugged by an array of Fall trees.

Neidpath Castle
And at the foot of the bridge, there's another church (Peebles Old Parish Church) with bells cheerfully tolling at the full hour. City Center has cafes, a confectionery shop, Tweeddale Museum And Gallery, cinema, bookstore, small grocers, and a whole range of other shops.

Everything here is small-town like. Even chain coffee shops or clothing boutiques seem petite.

The bookstore is located in a peaceful nook between two buildings. On the left side to the bookstore entrance, there's a newly painted mural that celebrates life in the Peebles area.

 City center overlooks River Tweed:

Neidpath CastleNeidpath Viaduct, an abandoned railway tunnel (which is 600 yards long) are a must-see.
Neidpath Viaduct
They are located short (5-minute) car ride from the City Center.

Neidpath Castle is an impressive looking L-shaped building:

It was privately owned since its construction. Over the years it belonged to 3 famous Scottish families and it's maintained by Douglas family successors to this day.

You can arrange a tour of the castle by clicking here.

If nature is your jam, visit Cardrona Forest (located east of the city center; 5-minute car ride).
View from Cardrona Forest trail.
Paths in the forest are versatile from wheelchair accessible to steep hills.

The most popular (wheelchair accessible) path has some amazing views (and sheep to keep you company!).
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Check the upcoming events here.
Travel to Peebles: 
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Peebles Old Parish Church

 River Tweed

 River Tweed

Happy exploring!


  1. This is simply the most gorgeous photo series I have seen in a long time. Definitely on my 'where I want to go' Pin set! Thank you so much for the lovely trip---made me smile from beginning to end!

  2. Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photo's.


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