Visiting Germany during Fall - Hamburg.

Fall is a very specific time to visit large cities. Some of the Summer city attractions are closed for a year, and there may be an impression there's not much to do! Luckily, there are a lot of hidden gems around every city. Out of season sightseeing means fewer tourists, crispy air, and calm vibes.

Hamburg is one of those cities that blossoms during Autumn. There's an overall chill-out vibe, less rush, and there's breathtaking foliage all around town.

Here's a quick (Autumn-lovers friendly) Hamburg city guide!
Take a stroll around Old Town, New Town, and Harbour to soak in the city's atmosphere.

Things to see if the weather is nice:
Old Town & New Town landmarks.

Cafes often provide blankets if you want to drink your coffee outside and enjoy the weather.

The Speicherstadt (largest warehouse district in the world and UNESCO World Heritage Site) :

Please check out when Hamburg DOM Fun Fair is in town.
Prototyp Museum

If the weather gets tricky you can visit museums, City Hall, and eat and drink in countless food joints and cafes.
Awesome places to visit if it's raining:


There's a lot to see in the suburbs. Especially, if you really want to feel Autumn vibes.

So many cute, small shops...

Charming houses...

Impressive Autumn Foliage.

Fall-themed garden decor.

And more nature...

More suburban charm...

Where suburbs end...

Happy sightseeing!

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