How to make your home look like Autumn whole year round.

You can use different colors and textures to make your house look more autumny and rustic.

Use reclaimed distressed wood, rough & uncut planks, driftwood, bark-covered pieces (for example, stump table), crates, and pallets.

Repurposed pallets and old crates can give your home barn vibe.

Tapestry & textures
Use rough, rugged-looking textures. For example, you can cover your lampshade and flower pots with burlap; use burlap as a tablecloth, or sew burlap curtains & cushion covers.

 Try not to use shiny materials (like silk) -they don't go with the Fall look. Instead, try wool (throws, pillow covers) and nubuck (furniture covers) to soften overall feel and make your home inviting and homely. 

If you want that country feel, try linen napkins, tablecloths, and embroidered cushion covers.

 Go for brown, dark-orange, black, mustard, cream, beige, and grey (ashy) colors.
Pair all the rough, rustic decor with fairy or carnival lights to make rooms cozier. You can use ordinary string fairy lights, bulbs on strings, mason jar lanterns, or copper wire lights.


 You can make your own candles from vintage tin cans or old glass containers. You can use logs or thick branches to create one of a kind tealight holders, or you can simply buy rustic looking fall-themed candles.  Pumpkin spice is the most popular scent, but there's a whole range available (there're even bonfire and fireplace scented candles).

Vintage stuff & Antiques

Vintage posters, photos, and plaques are the easiest way to add a bit of an autumny feel to your home. You can also frame old family slides, movie tickets, restaurant menus, old music notes sheets, and retro magazines. Check your local yard and car boot sales to find vintage vases, teacups, tins, and flower pots.

If you're looking for something more pronounced, go for an old sewing machine, cash register, or milk churn. Old photo cameras and movie projectors are relatively easy to find on auction sites and you can end up with real gems.

 Try to mix real antiques with modern furniture and stuff made from repurposed materials.

An old cat looks good, too ;)
Metal & copper details

You can easily incorporate metal and copper into your decor. You can go all the way industrial by using old pipes, vintage fan blades, and metal cupboard doors. Or, you can choose small metal pieces like hinges, knobs, and knick-knacks. Go for real patina where you can, or purposely age your pieces to suit overall shabby/primitive look.
Clay pots & stones

Go for neutral colors and interesting shapes.
Choose red and brown-leafed plants or plants with orange & red flowers.
Red-leafed Begonia
Brown-leafed Cabbage Tree (Cordyline australis).

Nertera Granadensis (also known as coral bead plant, pin-cushion plant, coral moss, or English baby tears).

Winter Cactus (green & red leaves, red flowers).
You can also plant succulents in old jars or light bulbs.

Dried flowers

If you're going for 'the end of the Summer' vibe, pick up fresh meadow flowers and let them dry for a week. You can hang them upside down while they're drying.

You can dry the whole range of plants and flowers. Sweet Flag and Lunaria (Money Plant) are some of my favorites.

Sweet Flag

Lunaria (Money Plant)

Nature's Gifts
Include cones & dried Autumn leaves (click this link to learn how to make them last longer), and chestnuts in your decor.

Happy Decorating!
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