How to make rustic log tealight holders

Using wood is the simplest way to incorporate Autumn accents into your home decor. Tealight log holders are unconventional and beautiful. They can be used as Thanksgiving centerpieces and they give that rustic, cozy vibe we crave during Autumn months.

How do you make rustic wooden tealight holders?

While hiking, keep an eye for the potential candle holder materials. Try to find logs from a few different types of trees. Look for discolored bark and uneven surfaces. Imperfections are sooo perfect! Everything that makes a wood piece quirky & different is a big yes.


To make log tea light holders you will need:
- small or medium logs or thick tree branches,
- a drill,
- a drill bit (spade)
(its diameter should match the diameter of a tea light which is 38mm),
- c clamp or adjustable spanner
(to hold the logs during drilling),
-tape measure,
-painters tape,
- pencil or sharpie
- protective glasses,
-a dust mask

Wash logs under running water and let them dry for at least 24 hrs. If you don't want to wait that long, use a vacuum to clean them.
Mark the depth of the hole to be drilled on the spade's surface (it's a depth of tealight). You can use painters tape or sharpie to do that. Don't drill deeper than the mark. Tealights won't be visible if the hole is too deep (and it is a potential fire hazard).

Mark the middle of the log. Use a c clamp or adjustable spanner to hold it. You can ask someone to hold bigger logs but's it's much safer and convenient to use c-clamp.
Start drilling! Remember, not to go too deep and to stick to the middle of the log.

You're done! Now, you can fit and light tealight candles to the test the holders.

If you're not sure about open flames, use battery-operated tealights instead.

Happy Crafting!