How to make a pumpkin flower pot

Beautiful DIY Thanksgiving centrepiece. A flower pot made from a fresh pumpkin.
You'll need:

-tape measure or ruler, 
-medium-sized carving pumpkin,
-a small sharp knife,
-a small-sized Fall flower in a plastic pot (like kalanchoe or chrysanthemum),
-pumpkin seed scoop tool or tablespoon

Useful tip: Although some squashes may look beautiful as pots, their flesh is to thick to effectively cut through. Ask the grocer or check online how thick each pumpkin variety flesh is before buying. Regular Jack-o-lantern pumpkin is the easiest to carve.
Before buying your pumpkin:
Measure flower pot using a tape measure (first measure its diameter and the height to make make sure it's more or less the hight of the pumpkin ). 
Bring your measurements to the store and pick a suitable pumpkin.
After buying the pumpkin:
Use those measurements to cut a hole around the stem (you can make small pencil marks to establish a cut line).

Try not to cut too big of a hole. You can always make it larger, but if it's very wide, to begin with, the final result may be disappointing.
It's better to carve smaller cavity and adjust it afterwards:

Tip: use a small sharp knife, always cut at an angle, and be very careful when taking out the knife (it can get stuck in a pumpkin flesh). Alternatively, use a pumpkin carving kit.
Scoop out the seeds. Use scoop tool if possible (it’s very handy and it can help you to remove pumpkin guts in a jiffy).

Now, put your flower pot inside the pumpkin and you're done!

You can also embellish your flower pot:
-let your kids draw on it with a sharpie
-use acrylic paints to make it more colourful
-use nail stickers and adhesive fake jewels to make it more sparkly
-draw Jack-o-lantern face on it
- attach fresh leaves to the pumpkin using craft glue to make it even more autumny

More Thanksgiving centrepiece ideas:
1-Place a small plastic container inside your pumpkin and then put fresh flowers in it.
2- Drill numerous small holes in the pumpkin and then put flowers in each hole.
Happy Crafting!