Easy Paper Bag Lanterns

Easy to make, beautiful Paper Bag Luminaries.
A kid-friendly, fun Autumn craft that doesn't require buying a lot of supplies!

This DIY project is safe (flameless votives, paper), relatively mess-free (acrylic paints dissolve in water), and the end result is enchanting!
You can make paper bag lanterns with your kids for Halloween (they look great on the stoops and porches) or without any special occasion during Autumn (or Summer) evenings!

What you need:
-fresh leaves and/or twigs
-black acrylic paint
-brown craft bags (you can use sandwich bags)
-flameless LED candles or votives
-plastic or glass container (for the paint)
-carton sheet or plastic mat (to protect your table or carpet)

Please note: I didn't use the painting brush. I've got acrylic paints in tubes. The paint is easily transferable even without the brush.
Make sure leaves are fresh, but not moist.
They are two methods of making leaf patterns on paper and carton. You can simply dip leaves in paint and imprint their shapes on bags.

Or, you can use leaves as decals and paint along each leaf edge directly on bag surface.

Use around 5mm of paint for dipping and 1mm layer of paint for decalling. Leave painted bags to dry.
Put votives inside and voila!

Happy Crafting!

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