DIY driftwood pumpkins!

I first thought about making driftwood Autumn decorations when I saw Portobello beach covered in driftwood.
I previously made a mug coaster from random driftwood pieces and it turned out really good (it is unpractical, but one of a kind!). 'But why to create something that supposed to be round from sharp, uneven, and long sticks?', you ask. Because ' Pumpkin everything'! :)
Spoiler alert: these pumpkins are not going to be round.
Driftwood decor gives that rustic, natural vibe that I love. You can pair it with oranges, browns, and yellows without making your decor look overwhelming.
How do you make driftwood pumpkins?
I've made 3 driftwood pumpkins this year. Here come the tutorials:
Jar Pumpkin
The first one is super effort-free. All you need is a few driftwood pieces, a jar, a piece of thread, and green paint (optional). 

Put all driftwood pieces in a jar (the middle one should be the longest, sticking out of the jar). Paint a piece of thread green and attach it to a long driftwood stick. You can also leave the thread as it is, without painting it. I painted mine using my fingers (I wore rubber gloves).

Driftwood coaster/knick-knack

The next one is also easy to make but requires a bit more effort. All you need is a PVA glue or glue gun, and several driftwood pieces.

Make sure to collect a variety of driftwood lengths (and volumes) and one wide & flat bit. You need to glue the lengthier pieces to the wide flat one. Few drops of PVA glue should hold even the longest sticks. Make sure the glue has properly dried, though. Before that, pieces can easily move and detach. Attach sticks one by one to the flat wood slice. From the shortest to the longest (the longest goes in the middle), and from the longest to the shortest after that.

Wait for the glue to dry and add the stem. I didn't plan to use this pumpkin as a coaster, so I glued quirky, curved stick to the back of the driftwood slice. You can attach it at the front if you plan to use this pumpkin as a coaster.

Colorful Knick-Knack

To make the last one you need 5 driftwood pieces, PVA glue (or hot glue gun), orange paint, paintbrush, and some water.

Paint 4 chunks of driftwood and glue them to each other (create a square). Wait for the glue to dry and add the stem. 

Happy Crafting!