140 pumpkin varieties - with pictures, descriptions, and edibility status. Comprehensive guide to pumpkins, squash, and gourd types.

A simple guide to pumpkins, squash, and gourd varieties.

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 - find the best pumpkin varieties for eating, for wildlife, and for decor purposes.
- read about most common pumpkin types, unusual hybrids, and one of a kind heirloom (heritage) varieties.
- learn pumpkin names, check their edibility status, and browse extensive pumpkin and squash gallery.

But first, some basic pumpkin info:

All pumpkins, gourds, Winter, and Summer squashes are part of the Cucurbitaceae (Cucurbits) family.

Popular Cucurbitaceae species include (amongst others):
-Cucurbita (pumpkins, Winter & Summer squashes) -Lagenaria (calabash or bottle gourd) -Luffa (loofah)
Cucurbita pepo & Cucurbita maxima, Photo: Pixabay
Cucurbita species consist of some of the more beautiful pumpkins and squashes. If you would like to learn how to recognize Cucurbita species (how to know your Cucurbita maxima from your Cucurbita pepo), please click here.
Although all of the cucurbits are edible (except a few wild growing), some of them are so beautiful and unique that it's a shame to eat them.

What are you looking for? :)

If you're wondering what type of gourd is perfect for Thanksgiving decoration, what kind of pumpkin to carve for Halloween, or which winter squash would make for a delicious dinner, fear not! Take a look at the categories below or scroll further to see all the pumpkins
in alphabetical order.

                    Heirloom (heritage) pumpkin varieties

                    Giant pumpkins

                    Best pumpkins for eating

                    Best pumpkins for making pies

                    Best pumpkins for carving

                     Pink pumpkins

                     Blue pumpkins

                     White pumpkins

And here's '140 pumpkin, squash, and gourd varieties, when they are in season, and where to buy seeds' in alphabetical order.

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