Privacy Policy

Privacy update: 9th of December 2019.

Site name: Falling4Fall

Who runs this site?

Website address:
This site is owned and operated by Justyna Myk. I can be reached at

What personal data do I collect?

I can see only the data shown in the comment form.
Your Blogger or Google profile, your name or nickname, and a website address, if you choose to share it.
If you’re using avatar your picture will be visible to the public. You can choose to comment as 'Anonymous'.
If you choose to send me an email, I will be able to see your e-mail address and a profile (if there's one) attached to your e-mail address. I don't collect this data.
Newsletter sign-up:
I use FeedBurner Email to send my newsletter. Learn more about FeedBurner Email.

What about ‘Cookies’?

Embedded content from other websites and interaction with external social network & applications & buttons:
Post on this site may include embedded content (videos, photos, gifs, link party tools), social media buttons & widgets.
Sites providing mentioned above embedded content, social media buttons & widgets may use cookies, third-party tracking & other data collection technologies.
Share buttons on my site (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter) are part of my blogs' theme (please, see 'Platform services, hosting & optimizing').
I may also use Instagram, Hometalk, and Youtube widgets throughout my site, as well as InLinkz link party tool & embedded GIPHY gifs.

All mentioned above networks/ apps have their own privacy policies. You can learn more about their widgets and share buttons on their respective websites.
On one of my pages (Autumn Barn), you'll find a link to my Redbubble store. Here's Redbubble privacy policy.

Platform services, hosting & optimizing :

I host my website on Blogger.
I use Emporio Porcelain theme and Blogger's Cookie Consent pop up.

Data collection for analytics purposes.

I use Google Analytics & Blogger's Stats to collect certain data.
This may include browsing patterns, IP address, device type, operating system, your browser type, the time you spend on my website.
If you don’t want Google to collect your data, you can opt-out here.
You can read Google's Privacy Policy here.

Rights over your data.

You can request that I erase any personal data I hold about you. If you left a comment, I can delete it. If you signed up for a newsletter, you can unsubscribe at any time. If you chose to send me an e-mail, I can permanently delete (with all the data attached to it). (Please, see ‘Contact’ and ‘Newsletter sign-up' sections).
All third-party tracking, usage of cookies & data collection- as specified in privacy policies of mentioned above services. Please contact them if you want to know more or if you wish them to delete your data (please read their privacy policies).
I don’t share your info with anyone except mentioned above companies that are providing services for my website.
I won’t sell your data to anyone, ever.

You can contact me at: